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This program's home is the Air Force's Officer Training School facilities on and around Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama. Specifically, the Vigilant Warrior Expeditionary Training Center.


The Layout




Our Classrooms


  • Restrooms are nice and are equipped with showers.

  • Part of responding to a mission is to be able to provide for your own needs for 72 hours until a support structure is organized. We will practice that. There is no dining facility. 

  • It is a NO smoking (or vape) facility. The closest smoking point is a walk of about 200 yards.

  • Each barrack building holds 18 bunks, each with springs, and a nice mattress. You will need to provide sheets, pillows and blankets, or a sleeping bag. Each has a power outlet within 10 feet. A short extension cord may be handy if you need power at the bedside.

  • The facility is very flat but is all gravel. Comfortable shoes for walking on a gravel road would be advisable.

  • Cell service is reasonable for most providers.

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