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Current Staffing Needs

Have you ever wanted to learn how a Mission is Run: Now is your chance!

WE run NSSE the same way you would run any (LARGE) AFAM Search Mission. Being part of staff will give you hands-on training and practice in all areas of Mission Management.

Current Needs:

  • Support Staff is needed in most mission areas:  We need people to help support the academic schools by setting up the facility, providing assistance to the instructors, Radio Operators, Vehicle Inspections, and Record keepers.  IF you want to have a FUN AND REWARDING way to learn on a very active program, then we have needs.  Please sign up for Staff NOW if you are interested.  You must complete GES before the December weekend, and we would like a commitment for all weekends IF possible.
  • We still have a few openings for Ground Search and Rescue TEAM LEADS: These personnel may be Cadets or Senior members, and must have completed GTM3 at least one year ago.  They will lead lead a team of approximately 7 new GTM# students through all aspects of the program.  It is very rewarding to know that you have helped someone completed their training program.
  • To register, go to the register tab, and sign up for Staff.  In the comments area, detail what areas interest you.
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