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NESA Southeast 2022 Cancelled Due to COVID-19

After more than a year of looking forward to beginning this year’s cycle of NESA-SE, I am incredibly disappointed that we won’t be able to hit the restart button again, until this time next year.  With the increasing numbers of COVID cases nationwide, and in particularly in the states represented by our staff members and students, the COVID-19 Exceptions Team has had to make the hard decision to cancel our activity for the safety and health of our members.  The team literally took every opportunity to find ways to allow us to continue our activity, but in the end the rising numbers tipped the scale. 

Let me strongly encourage each of you to move forward with your ES training locally in spite of this cancellation.  Be sure to monitor your own  SQTRs and reach out to those in your area that are SET qualified for assistance in task completion.  Look for and  keep track of the many Group and Wing level SAREX opportunities to gain experience and learn the tasks.  

You will be able to visit our website for training materials as you begin your training. 

We hope to see you next year — without a pandemic’s interference!  So stay safe and healthy!

Lt Col Thomas Berg

NESA Southeast Activity Director

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