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Ground Search And Rescue

Basic GSAR - This course is at capacity and as of Nov 17, registration is CLOSED.

The Basic course covers all tasks necessary to become GTM-3 qualified. This track is for younger participants or those who are new to ground operations. Skills taught include land navigation, electronic direction finding, basic survival and field-craft, basic radio techniques, and first aid/CPR. Basic course students are organized into teams that are led by a GSAR staff member.

Advanced GSAR-This course is at capacity and as of Nov 17, registration is CLOSED.

The Advanced track covers all tasks required to become GTM-2, GTM-1, and UDF-qualified, and is designed for more experienced or older participants. Most Advanced students are in their second year of task training. Topics of instruction in Advanced include more complex search techniques and introductory leadership tasks with respect to ground operations.  An individual must be rated at least GTM-3 to participate in the Advanced Course.

Team Leader Course

The Team Leader course prepares participants for the responsibilities of being a Ground Team Leader. Consequently, the Team Leader course has the most experienced and oldest students. Topics include leadership and administrative duties of Team Leaders, as well as more advanced search theories, techniques, and map skills. A Team Leader candidate must be a senior member or a cadet at least 18 years of age. Attendance at the Team Leader course and completion of all tasks does not always guarantee a rating. At times, a student will need more experience than can be provided during the course. These students will be given credit for their task completions but will need to spend additional time working with qualified trainers in their state to gain more experience prior to certification.

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